Custom Workshops & Seminars for Sports Clubs & Institutions

Sporting Chance Education Department offers a range of seminars and workshops, each carefully designed to meet our stakeholder's needs. Our educational programme serves two purposes: it acts as a preventative tool for those who may have a potential problem and as a sign-post to our other services for those who already do.

Led by our Head of Education and former professional footballer Jeff Whitley, our Education Department comprises of ex-sporting professionals who have undertaken training qualifications following the end of their playing careers. Jeff and his team deliver seminars tailored to different audiences and ages within a professional sporting organisation including first team squads, academy or youth teams, coaching staff, doctors or those operating in a front of house capacity.

Our Lifestyle Education Seminar is one such example, and has become an increasingly popular tool for professional sports clubs, sporting organisations and governing bodies who recognise the importance of giving athletes the information and tools they need to avoid the pitfalls and destructive behaviour patterns that can develop in the pressure-cooker world of professional sport. It aims to show just how alcohol, other drugs and gambling affect the brain, behaviour, body and performance and also outlines the warning signs for potential issues, guidelines for positive lifestyle choices and methods of support should problems arise. It provides a mix of information, moments for self-reflection and the opportunity to hear first-hand the story of a current or former professional sportsperson who has experienced the issues being discussed. By relating personal experience, we give the opportunity for participants to identify certain behavioural traits and discuss their feelings and thoughts around the issues raised.

Sporting Chance currently provides this service to the Premier League and to League Football Education (LFE), delivering Lifestyle Education Seminars in all 92 Football League clubs. We also provide a similar service to Super League and other professional teams in the Rugby Football League. We always welcome enquiries from those involved in any other form of professional sport who may be interested in finding out more about our range of educational seminars and how we might adapt them for their particular organisation.

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