We don't believe that we have the right to tell anyone how to live but we do have lots of experience of supporting professional athletes at times in their lives when they feel they are losing their way and we do our best to pass some of this experience on so that others don’t have to go through more pain than they have to. Sporting Chance’s message is always the same:


+ value your emotional health

+ be aware of the factors that can affect it adversely

+ be aware of the consequences of emotional health problems (e.g. addiction)

+ ask for our help if you need it (or even if you're not sure).

For those in the world of sport, as in any walk of life, experiencing debilitating emotional problems isn’t uncommon. Over the course of the last year, hundreds of individuals have contacted us seeking some form of support.


Every athlete that contacts us is struggling in some way with how they are feeling. Some can attribute their feelings to the situation they are in or a certain life event, many simply tell us that they don’t feel right, they haven’t for some time and they don’t really know why. You might identify with some of the feelings described here.

Some reach for the comfort of a bet, a drink, or a drug. If this is your pattern and it’s becoming a problem, these links might be a helpful starting point.

Having read through them, you might feel you want to give us a call. Seeking support, counselling and guidance is not a weakness, whatever is going on in your life, whether it's directly related to your job or you're convinced it has no impact on your performance whatsoever.

A sportsperson who has bottled up their feelings for a long time can find incredible relief in those first words of honesty and longer-term benefits in the power of sharing their feelings with another person. We would encourage anyone to examine their lives and the emotions or behaviours with which they are struggling, but to do so with the appropriate professional support. Click here if you’d like to call us. 


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