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Dear Friends,

I’m Ellie and I work within the Education department at Sporting Chance. A large part of my role is coordinating, booking and arranging the entirety of Sporting Chance’s education output, which can involve over 200 sessions per year. I work closely with sports clubs and our dedicated facilitator team to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that we can deliver as many education sessions as possible throughout the year.

As part of this role, I also facilitate some workshops myself, mainly those aimed at the female athlete population. Having been a former athlete, I find this education especially enjoyable as it allows me to pass on things that I learnt throughout my time as a sportsperson and help guide and give back to the future generation. I feel that I am able to relate to what young athletes are going through, particularly in terms of their emotional and mental health and navigating what can, at times, be a challenging landscape for young female athletes.

Most notably we have been delivering education to academy football teams within the Women’s Super League as part of the DiSE (Diploma in Sporting Excellence) programme, organised by Loughborough College and to women’s county cricket teams. Both of these projects have been firsts for Sporting Chance this year and are definitely areas in which I am keen to see the charity grow and expand further.


In addition to this, my role also involves handling athlete engagement and our communications, the two of which often go hand in hand. On a daily basis this means creating content for and managing our social media channels (@sportingchanceclinic if you want to give us a follow!) as well as any communications projects that we currently are working on.

All of this is with the aim of ensuring that every athlete that is eligible for our services is aware of them and how to access them confidentially and safely. Which is where you, as our friends, come in and are able to help with this.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us so far and for being a Friend of Sporting Chance.


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