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Heads Together and The FA have teamed up to run a season-long campaign to change the conversation on mental health. Sporting Chance are delighted to be a Charity Partner of the Heads Up Campaign.

Heads Up launches at The Community Shield

" We (Sporting Chance) will be celebrating twenty years of supporting professional sport participants with their mental health in the year ahead.  I am delighted that we are able to be part of the Heads-up! Campaign, it isa wonderful initiative. Talking to someone and asking for help was the starting place in my own journey of recovery and today I look after my mental well-being like I look after my physical well-being. If we can help encourage people to talk about their Mental Health, I am ready to start a conversation...."

Tony Adams

Imagine if we talked about mental health as much as we talk about football.

It’s our national game – passionately followed and wholeheartedly loved by millions in the UK and billions around the world. Many of us won’t go a day without talking about it.

Through Heads Up, we want to help everyone feel as comfortable talking about mental health as they are talking football.

We want to build on the decades of work that have been done to change the conversation on mental health and help people feel better able to support their friends and families through

difficult times.

And we want to remind everyone that we all have mental health – just as we all have physical health, and it’s time we start taking our mental fitness as seriously as we do our physical fitness.

Join the conversation using #HeadsUp, and look out for more on @Heads_Together and @TheFA.

“We are here today to take a big step in shattering this silence. We are going to use one of the most powerful, unifying forces in our society – football – to start the biggest ever conversation on mental health.”

The Duke of Cambridge


#TakeAMinute in The Emirates FA Cup third round

In support of the Heads Up campaign, every game in the third round of The Emirates FA cup has been delayed by a minute

This weekend, in an historic moment, all 32 fixtures in the third round of The Emirates FA Cup are kicking off one minute later than their traditional time slots.

We’ve been working with Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters on a brand new film to draw attention to the simple steps we can all take to look after our mental health and well being.

Heads Up launches at The Community Shield



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