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  • Alex Mills

Aon to Deliver Keynote at Sporting Chance Summit 2023

Sporting Chance is delighted to announce that global professional services firm Aon will be speaking at the 2023 Sporting Chance Summit – Wellbeing and Performance at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton FC on October 11.

Helen Payne, UK Director Human Sustainability at Aon, will deliver a keynote speech about wellbeing to the delegates in attendance at the 2023 Summit.

Alongside the keynote, Aon will showcase its Human Sustainability Index (HSI), a tool used to measure wellbeing, resilience and sustainability at the individual, team and organisational levels. By bringing together a programme of diagnostics, coaching, training and strategic consultancy, the index helps support workforce decisions to be made with clarity and confidence

Sporting Chance Commercial Director, David Bartlett said: “It is fantastic that Aon have shown their commitment to our landscape by supporting the Sporting Chance Summit. We look forward to opportunities to work together to develop and improve the mental health provision in professional sport. I’m delighted that the start of this journey will be listening to Helen Payne deliver a keynote to our delegates at the Summit in October.”

A survey from Aon, Rising Resilient noted that “Only 30 percent of employees identify as being resilient — which leaves a massive untapped potential for change. Low workforce resilience can have a negative impact on all dimensions of wellbeing (emotional, work-life, physical, social and financial). It can mean decreased productivity, profitability and an overall decline in performance. At Aon, we help organisations develop, reimagine and optimise wellbeing initiatives through a data-led, holistic approach that drives measurable and targeted outcomes on performance, productivity, health, employer brand and benefit costs. By connecting our data, expertise and experience in risk, wealth, health and talent, we help businesses make better, well-informed decisions.”


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