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  • Alex Mills

Marathon Man David Lean set for London

David Lean will run the London Marathon on Sunday to raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse and funds for Sporting Chance.

Lean took part in last year's 'Virtual London Marathon' by power-walking 26.2 miles from Fleetwood to Preston after the world's most famous running event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

"I wanted to give something back to the Charity that had helped both myself my wife and the many other Survivors of Sexual Abuse within football," said Lean, who will finally get to run the actual race this weekend.

​"I wanted to also try and raise awareness of Childhood Sexual Abuse and of course highlight the great work of Sporting Chance. I did that through the virtual marathon, which I really enjoyed, but I am looking forward to finally getting to do the London Marathon after preparing for it for so long."

Sporting Chance has worked with the FA for a number of years and in 2016 was asked by football’s governing body to provide therapeutic support to those individuals that experienced historic childhood sexual abuse in a football environment. This service was created following the widespread allegations and revelations of sexual abuse in football dating back to 1960s. Sporting Chance created, and continue to manage and administer, a specialist national network of therapists with expertise in childhood trauma and abuse. Those therapists all meet a specific criterion agreed with Dr Elly Hanson, the FA’s appointed advisor in this process.

The service has supported over 200 individuals offering therapy tailored to their personal needs including specialist therapeutic interventions, psychiatric assessments and residential treatment for those with addictive disorders. This service is still very much in operation to this day, supporting both current and former professionals and individuals who suffered abuse in the amateur game and youth groups.

Sporting Chance CEO Colin Bland said: "David is wonderful man and we are extremely grateful for his efforts. All of us at Sporting Chance are very proud of David and of this fantastic achievement."

​For more information and to support David Lean, please visit his Collection Pot page here.


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