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Inspired by his own recovery from alcoholism and founded in the year 2000, Sporting Chance is the brainchild of former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams, MBE. Based on his experience, and what he felt was lacking, Tony saw the need for a safe, dedicated environment where current and former sportsmen and women could receive support and counselling for the kinds of destructive behaviour patterns that exist in the world of competitive sport, but that are often denied.

Sporting Chance has since developed into one of the world's most innovative centres for the treatment of behavioural problems among professional and former professional sportspeople.

An Integrated Approach

About Our Services

Sporting Chance provides support to both professionally active and retired sportsmen and women in three core areas; we are perhaps most often associated with our residential treatment programme in which we work with individuals who are suffering from addictive disorders such as alcoholism, the misuse of other substances, or gambling.

However, a large number of those that contact us do not suffer with addiction but are struggling with other issues in their lives such as bereavement, depression, anxiety or difficulties with transition (including those relating to sporting injury). Our nationwide therapy and counselling network enables our clients to access confidential, professional support to work through frequently complex issues which not only impact on their quality of life but in many cases, their ability to perform to their sporting best.

Thirdly, but no less importantly, we have developed a programme of education and training that we bring directly to sporting organisations across the UK. Our lifestyle seminars are designed to promote awareness of the increasing number of athletes in the sporting arena who have, for a variety of reasons, experienced problems with their emotional health and the proactive steps that sporting professionals and their employers can take with regards to prevention and treatment. We are proud that this programme has become an integral tool for a number of football clubs and other sporting organisations including the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), the Football Association (FA), the Premier League, League Football Education (LFE) and the Rugby Football League (RFL).

Founded by
Tony Adams, MBE

"Sporting Chance is absolutely up there with all the medals I've ever won, the England cap and everything. I'm very proud of what I created here."

Tony speaks about the creation of Sporting Chance

Enquiries to Sporting Chance

Whilst we welcome enquiries regarding our services, possible client referrals, or simply someone asking advice about how they can help a using addict, we are a relatively small team. We endeavour to respond the same day, or at worst, the next day. All at Sporting Chance are aware of the courage it takes to ask for help, and when a person reaches out, we will be there.

Sporting Chance would like to emphasise that all personal enquiries for Tony Adams including media and press and requests for signed shirts, autographs or speaking engagements are not directly handled by the charity, but instead passed on to his agent. All requests are forwarded but the charity is not responsible for a reply, nor is it reflective of the organisation. For matters concerning Sporting Chance, we would welcome your call on our office number.

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