Using the Helpline

All of athletes who contact us, male and female, active or retired, have a couple of things in common:

1.   They are experiencing some form of emotional difficulty.

2.  They don’t feel they can change the way they are feeling by themselves.

​You might be reading this right now and feel exactly the same. If you think you might qualify for our services (see bottom of page), or even if you’re not completely sure, it might help to give us a call. The phone will be answered by our friendly triage team and they’re trained to take calls from individuals who might be nervous or reluctant about calling or unsure about what they’re supposed to say. You can even text our helplines at certain times and get a call back

You might talk to a member of our triage team and decide you don’t want to take this any further. That’s fine. You’re in control of this process and you get to decide if you want to take the next step.

Seeing a Counsellor 

Sporting Chance has a large network of highly qualified, fully insured counsellors covering the whole of the UK. All the counsellors in our network operate within guidelines and principles established with Sporting Chance; some are ex-professional sportsmen or women who have trained as therapists or counsellors after retiring from their sport.

​The number of counsellors we have available and their wide geographical coverage means that as soon as you contact us and have spoken to our triage team, we can quickly link you with someone who will meet your needs and whose expertise and support is always quick and convenient to access - the vast majority of our clients are within a one hour drive of a member of our network and in most instances you’ll attend your first session within 48 hours of your initial call to Sporting Chance.

However, our counsellors are frequently specialists in a certain field, such as bereavement, substance misuse, gambling or the psychological effects of sporting injury and in some instances, we may recommend a client travels slightly further to access a specialist with the expertise relevant to their presenting issue. Courses of one-to-one counselling vary in length depending on individual circumstances but ordinarily consist of between 6 to 18 sessions per client.

​Confidentiality is at the heart of everything we do as an organisation. If you are over 18 years of age, Sporting Chance has no duty to contact any related stakeholders with regards to a client and would not do so without the client's express consent.

Funding for Counselling

Counselling costs are usually fully covered by our stakeholder funding agreements. Click here to find out more.

Tony on how counselling saved his life


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