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Sporting Chance's GATE programme is the charity's solution-focused response to the increasing demand for treatment and education services in relation to the dangers and harms associated with gambling. 

Building on a proud record of more than two decades of providing gambling treatment and education to professional and elite level sportspeople and organisations, we have increased our resources to address the notable increase in demand and the modern challenges of a digital age. 


Sporting Chance recognises the dangers of gambling and the factors that make those in and around professional sport particularly vulnerable to those dangers.


In line with the values of our charity, Sporting Chance will continue to raise awareness of the scale of gambling-related harm experienced by our client population and express opinions based on our own data, trends and experiences regarding some potential factors that contribute to this problem.

We work with our stakeholders to consult on potential harm-reduction and prevention measures, while continuing to raise awareness about the dangers of gambling through the media, our own online presence and directly to stakeholders and sportspeople via education sessions. 

Sporting Chance released an Open Letter in October 2020 expressing a concern about the relationship between professional sport and gambling, offering some potential solutions. - click here to read.

If you are experiencing problems related to  gambling or any other mental health issue

please click here to get support.


Informed by an initial assessment, the Sporting Chance treatment plan for any individual presenting with gambling disorder or gambling-related problems may include some or all of the following:

  • Education

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Person-Centered Therapy

  • 12-Step Framed Therapy

  • Residential Treatment

  • Mutual Aid Support Groups 

Our GATE programme ensures that those being treated primarily for gambling issues will:

  • Participate in tailored gambling-specific residential courses (if in residential treatment)

  • Be matched with therapists with a gambling and addiction specialism

  • Have ongoing access to an online peer-based support group, facilitated by Sporting Chance

  • Be provided with a toolkit, including actionable advice on safety nets and practical harm reduction measures

If you are experiencing problems related to  gambling or any other mental health issue

please click here to get support.


GATE education seminars are designed to help professional sportspeople better understand their own relationship with gambling and the societal and sport-specific factors that may contribute to that relationship becoming unhealthy.

Sporting Chance also understands that more harm is experienced on some gambling products than others and this is reflected in the content of seminars in order to raise awareness of the dangers and to help participants better understand the factors that make them particularly dangerous.

Our learning objectives are achieved through engaging and thought-provoking delivery of content (either online or in person) which encourages participants to reflect and challenge themselves on their gambling behaviour or other potentially unhealthy behaviours, and through a hard-hitting lived experience story delivered first-hand by a current or former professional sportsperson.

GATE seminars also cover betting integrity rules specific to each sport, effects of gambling addiction, potential signs and what support is available – including practical preventative tools and professional treatment, either through Sporting Chance or other organisations.

Our education offer…

  • Meets outcome focused learning objectives

  • Incorporates evidence-based research (including data from Sporting Chance’s treatment services & wider studies)

  • Utilises lived experience of gambling harm in a sporting context

  • Is available in the preferred delivery method of face-to-face seminars 

  • Is available in the form of live online webinars 

To enquire about gambling education please e-mail

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