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Become a 'Friend of Sporting Chance'


Friends of Sporting Chance is an ongoing initiative that aims to raise awareness of our services to those who are eligible to receive them.

The concept is to grow a network of ‘friends’ of the charity, including current and former professional sportspeople, sports media personnel, individuals involved in other roles in professional sport and anyone with an interest in mental health in sport.

By keeping up to date with Sporting Chance’s work through an exclusive monthly interactive email update, recipients will be well informed about our services.

There are many sportspeople who may benefit from using our services who may not be aware that they are eligible to access them. Friends of Sporting Chance will help us reach these people.


If you are interested in helping by becoming a Friend of Sporting Chance please read the information and fill out this questionnaire.

donate to sporting chance's benevolent fund






All money raised goes directly to Sporting Chance's Benevolent Fund, which helps athletes outside of our stakeholder partnerships to access our mental health support and treatment services.

All cases are assessed on an individual basis, subject to need and available funds.

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All proceeds go directly to Sporting Chance

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