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You might be reading this and be worried about your gambling or drinking or your relationship with prescribed or recreational drugs.

It might be that your gambling or substance use is worrying you or others but could be addressed through opening up and having some honest conversations by engaging with a therapist. They can begin to help you understand your thoughts and feelings and how this might change your patterns of behaviour.


When an individual’s relationship with a behaviour or substance becomes particularly problematic, the most appropriate form of treatment might be a residential stay in a rehabilitation clinic.

Sporting Chance has its own custom-built clinic, the only one we know of in the world created exclusively to treat sportsmen and women for addictive disorders - specifically problematic behaviour relating to gambling, alcohol and other drugs.

We’ve been treating clients here for over 20 years - we understand better than anyone the world of high-level, high-profile sport and how addictive behaviour affects both those competing within it and those who have struggled to adapt to life following the end of their sporting career. Our programmes are designed to empower individuals to make lasting changes in their lives and to enable current professional athletes to return to the daily routine of elite competition. 

Residential funding varies depending on individual arrangements with our stakeholders and admission is dependent on an assessment process. Click here and call us to find out more.

We do not receive funds directly from any industry that significantly contributes to the harm experienced by our client population, including the gambling industry.



What's Involved: 

  • Our treatment service begins with an initial assessment. Following this assessment pre-treatment support is provided right up until admission to the clinic. 

  • We offer treatment courses of various lengths in a caring, supportive and safe environment at our Hampshire clinic.

  • Individuals stay in a shared house in the grounds of an exclusive health resort. 

  • Our clients commit to a compulsory programme that incorporates an established, professionally recognised recovery model.

  • As we accept only a small number of people at any one time for residential treatment, our dedicated staff are able to give clients the attention and understanding they need.

  • Treatment consists of on one-to-one talking therapy with our highly trained therapists and group work with fellow clients who are also current or former athletes.

  • Clients can also access a range of Holistic Therapies including forms of Meditation, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Scuba Therapy.

  • Our treatment service does not end at the conclusion of the residential stay. Each client is offered an aftercare programme that involves the provision of sessions with a local therapist and access to exclusive online mutual support groups facilitated by Sporting Chance.

  • Clients will also have an opportunity to return to the clinic for a recovery review day. This will include a group, workshop and one-to-one therapy session, with an overnight stay. 

  • We also know addiction often has a huge impact on families, loved ones and employers and we seek to involve them in a client’s recovery process wherever possible.

  • ​We also understand that for many of those who join our residential programme, maintaining or regaining a high level of physical fitness can be vitally important. Every aspect of the set-up at Sporting Chance is designed to give an athlete the best chance of returning to their club or their coach in optimal physical condition.

  • We have a range of physical training programmes and courses of physiotherapy and massage delivered by highly qualified professionals, tailored to the needs of each client and the requirements of their chosen sport.

  • All those on our residential programme will have use of the hotel gym facilities at pre-arranged times. 


Our CEO, Colin Bland on our Residential Treatment

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