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Mailout FOSC Friends Invite (2).png
Mailout FOSC Friends Invite (2).png

Dear Friends,


Welcome to what I hope will become a community that will change the world of mental and emotional wellbeing in sport and perhaps change a few lives for the better on our way. You are a body of individuals with a vast range of experiences and perspectives on the unique landscape that is professional sport. What you have to say matters to me.

Over two decades, Sporting Chance has become the country’s leading provider of mental health treatment and education in sport. We are now expanding to provide our services on the global stage. Our staff have worked tirelessly to lobby and support sport to become a safer place for current and former sportspeople to seek support for their emotional and mental health needs. The number of individuals seeking help grows year on year but there is still a long way to go. 


We have grand plans which is a good thing, however, we never forget that today someone will pluck up the courage to pick up the phone or send us a message to say “I need some help” (some of you will remember having made a call like this yourselves). The call will be answered and the machinery that is the Sporting Chance team will click into action and I know that we will do the right thing.  But we know there are more people we can help, and perhaps help them earlier so they experience fewer consequences of poor mental health.


Here’s a simple fact: a group of people wanting the same thing is more powerful than an individual wanting that thing and the larger the group, the more powerful it is. You may be asking “what can I do to help?” or “I hope they don’t ask me to do anything!?” Both of these are fine, everyone is welcome here. Today, simply by being a ‘Friend’, you have increased the likelihood of positive change. Thank you.



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