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Six apps to help your mental health

At Sporting Chance, we can't stress enough the importance of focusing on your mental health on a daily basis - not just in a crisis.

Mental health, like physical health, is something we need to look after to remain healthy. There are more tools than ever to help us manage and nurture or mental health.

Here, we have listed six apps that can contribute to improving our mental and emotional wellbeing:

Calm is a favourite app for sleep and meditation. It also helps to reduce stress or anxiety and improve focus.

The app hosts an abundance of meditations, courses and sleep stories - including some narrated by celebrities.

Headspace is a popular meditation app which can help to reduce stress and manage thoughts and feelings through learning the lifelong skill of mindfulness.

Happify utilises proven techniques developed by scientists and experts in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

The app uses fun activities and games to aid improvements in emotional wellbeing.

My Possible Self is a NHS-approved app that uses a holistic approach to mental health in order to help users manage anxiety, tackle low mood, ease stress and improve sleep.

Gratitude is an app which helps users focus on positives, become more mindful and live with intention.

It includes a daily gratitude journal, affirmations, inspiring quotes and a vision board.

Fabulous is an app which helps users build, and stick to, daily routines with a positive impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing.

There are several other apps that promote and support healthy mental wellbeing management. We have selected six for the purpose of this article. They are intended to support your mental health on a daily basis and should not be used as an alternative to treatment for mental health problems.


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