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  • Alex Mills

Statement on Confidentiality

Sporting Chance was founded, and continues to exist as a safe, confidential place for professional sportspeople to seek support for their emotional and mental health.

Confidentiality is an absolute within Sporting Chance services and a must to create safety for individuals to reach out for the support they need. Whilst we

appreciate that the public may have an interest in sports professionals mental and emotional well-being, press articles that link names to our work may jeopardise the perception of safety for others. We would ask that journalists be conscious of this and the gravity of their responsibility within this process.

Sporting Chance do not and will not discuss any individuals we have worked with, with any outside organisations. We will not offer opinion on any individual be they known to us or not.

Whilst we acknowledge and support athletes sharing their journeys, we channel this through our ambassador programme and as part of our trained education team. This allows athletes with a desire to help others discuss historic life experiences within a robust clinical framework. We have no control over individuals who discuss their own experience of our services with the press be they positive or otherwise.

Sporting Chance's full list of values and principles can be found here.


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