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  • Alex Mills

Go Mate - Official Drinks Sponsor of Sporting Chance Summit 2023!

Go Mate Drinks has teamed up with Sporting Chance to become the Official Drinks Sponsor of this year’s Sporting Chance Summit 2023 - Wellbeing & Performance. The collaboration will see Go Mate providing samples of their Go Mate Awake and Go Mate Relax to delegates at St Mary’s on 11th October during the intervals and lunch breaks, promoting their product as a natural alternative to highly caffeinated energy drinks.

Go Mate Drinks – 100% Natural 0% Nasties

Go Mate Drinks was born out of personal experience of the risks associated with mental health issues. The son of the founder, a 15-year-old gamer named Thiago, was consuming energy drinks to maintain a high level of focus and clarity throughout long gaming sessions and began to experience the crashes and mental fatigue due to the chemicals in these drinks. This prompted his father, Guido Rosales, an ex-Coca-Cola veteran to create a new drink that could provide the mental strength benefits that his son needed but through 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

To add elite athlete nutrition and performance knowledge, Go Mate partnered with Premier League football icon and Argentine national team striker, Sergio Aguero. Together the drinks system of Go Mate Awake and Go Mate Relax was created. The drinks offer a more balanced approach to energy, improving cognitive performance with a range of natural nootropics and enabling rest which is critical for mental recovery.

Mental Health and Nutrition: Understanding the Relationship

Sporting Chance offers support to athletes engaged at the highest level of sport. The most common presentations from those who get in contact with the charity relate to low mood and anxiety and understanding the relationship between nutrition and presentations such as these is a key part of any intervention that its clinical team puts in place with an athlete. Excessive use of products that contain high amounts of caffeine and subsequent excessive or repetitive use of these to manipulate natural energy patterns can contribute to sleep and anxiety disorders. These in turn can lead to low mood and depression and subsequently, to athletes turning to potentially problematic coping mechanisms such as substance use.

It’s not surprising that Russell Schaller & Frank Mertens, Co-Founders of Go Mate drinks see the link with Sporting Chance and their annual conference as a natural fit: “While Go Mate Drinks helps keep the brain sharp through what you consume, Sporting Chance helps nurture mental wellbeing by the professional care and support offered to athletes.”

Colin Bland, CEO of Sporting Chance said of Go Mate’s sponsorship of the October event: “We want to highlight the more subtle relationships with food and drink that can cause problems to athletes and affect the way they manage their lives, not necessarily in an acute or dramatic way, but certainly to the extent that it is negatively impacting their emotional wellbeing and mental health. One such problem is the excessive use of products that are promoted as energy boosters containing high amounts of caffeine. We are delighted to be associated with Go Mate who offer a healthy solution.

Mr. Schaller & Mertens shared their excitement about the collaboration: “Today’s high performers need to care for their minds more than ever before. Together, Go Mate’s drinks and Sporting Chance’s care can help their minds stay sharp. We believe that our combined approach will give high performers the ‘Good Energy’ to continue excelling in their current or new pursued interests.”

Make sure you visit Go Mate Drinks at the Sporting Chance Summit 2023 at St. Mary’s Stadium, home of Southampton FC on October 11, 2023.


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