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  • Alex Mills

Ian's MizMal Cycling Challenge for Sporting Chance

After attending our open day last month, Ian Braid of DOCIAsport decided to fundraise for the Sporting Chance by doing the MizMal challenge. All money raised will be going directly to Sporting Chance's Benevolent Fund, which helps athletes outside of our stakeholder partnerships to access our mental health support and treatment services.

So far he has raised over £2000 including gift aid - amazing work!

To donate click here.

Hear from Ian about how it went:

The MizMal Challenge organised by Wild Atlantic Cycling (Supported Cycling Tours – Wild Atlantic Cycling) is a 7 day event riding from the most southern point of Ireland – Mizen Head – to the most northerly Malins Head covering a distance of 575 miles (assuming you don’t get lost!)

The word ‘challenge’ was a clue because of the need to complete each leg daily - often on the roads less travelled - manage the terrain - climbs, descents, and varying ‘quality’ of road surfaces. And that was before we even discuss the weather. I can’t tell you what the scenery was like between the Shannon river and Lahinch because I didn’t see

any - just clouds and rain. The 4th day started from Galway with a 40km ride straight into a headwind (there’s no such word as ‘headgale’ but there should be) followed by a further 40km in Connemara fighting against a ferocious crosswind that lifted the bikes. This is not called The Wild Atlantic Way for nothing, and a fellow cyclist said it was like cycling in a tumble dryer – the way we were thrown around. But the positives - like an occasional tailwind and especially the scenery - made it all worthwhile.

My personal challenges were to get myself on the start line, requiring weeks of training, and then to get to the end. But it was more than that for me. I wanted to increase the awareness of Sporting Chance and the work the charity does in the sector. The monies I raise will go into the Benevolent Fund to be able to support someone who wouldn’t otherwise get the treatment and support they need. The ’Collection Pot’ remains open till the end of July. Think about cycling in a tumble dryer and the fact that sitting and walking remain uncomfortable as I write this and if you are able to help me help others, your contribution will be gratefully received by me, the charity and someone in need. Thank you.

Ian Braid


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