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  • Alex Mills

Sporting Chance Summit 2023 - Wellbeing & Performance

On Wednesday 11th October 2023 Sporting Chance held its inaugural Summit at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton F.C on Wellbeing & Performance, bringing together a diverse group of high-profile speakers, trade stands and workshops, all focused on mental health in professional sport

Over 250 delegates from across the landscape of UK Sport gathered to share their experiences and insights. Attendees included representatives from The Premier League, The FA, The PFA, The PCA and The PJA, as well as staff from clubs including Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Warwickshire CCC and Middlesex CCC.


The day kicked off with Head of Women’s Psychology at the FA, Kate Hays discussing the team Lionesses’ environment that aims to support both performance and positive mental health, before hearing from professional footballers Tom Thorpe and Sam Winnall, Commonwealth Gold winning England Netball captain Ama Agbeze and professional cricketer Ethan Bamber on their experiences as professional athletes. Hull FC Head Coach and Sporting Chance Patron, Tony Smith then gave his perspective on supporting players' mental health as a coach.

Aon’s UK Director of Sustainability, Helen Payne spoke about how the corporate world is utilising the Human Sustainability Index (HIS) to measure wellbeing, resilience and sustainability, before the afternoon shared perspectives from a number of professions, including Sport Psychologist Dr Abbe Brady, Psychiatrist Dr Tim Rogers and Psychotherapist Nick Mercer. The day was concluded with Sport Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales informing of the importance of sleep on mental health.

The Sporting Chance Summit 2023 at St. Mary's Stadium showcased the organisation's continued commitment growing the awareness and support services for mental health in professional sport. To learn more about the work Sporting Chance does visit:


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