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  • Alex Mills

Nick Littlehales to Speak at 2023 Summit

Sporting Chance are delighted to announce that world renown sleep expert Nick Littlehales will be joining Steven Finn as one of the guest speakers at our 2023 Summit that focuses on the effects wellbeing has on performance.

Nick is recognised as the world’s first and leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach with over 35 years’ experience within the sleep industry, over 24 years of which have been dedicated to elite sport. Author of the #1 bestselling book SLEEP, Nick will talk not only about debunking common sleep myths, but also on his revolutionary R90 Recovery Technique.

“Even today, sleep is taken for granted unlike the other human health pillars, fuel, hydration, and exercise, which are challenged and tackled every day to find new solutions’ to help us improve. However, our natural ability to unlock consistent and sustainable levels of mental & physical recovery, is now a real threat to personal wellbeing and performance.”

Nick Littlehales

Nick is an experienced International keynote speaker, joint presenter and has appeared on numerous television shows and radio programmes. Chairman of the UK Sleep Council, Nick has conducted many practical and clinical research projects into the varied sleeping habits adopted by the modern-day sleeper and athlete and we are delighted he can contribute to the Summit.

The Sporting Chance Summit will be on 11th October 2023 at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, with tickets being released in February 2023.

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