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  • Alex Mills

Our Values Explained: Pillar One

Now that we’ve taken a look at all of our cornerstones, it’s time to move on to our pillars.

These values guide our every action as a charity and are at the very heart of our day-to-day practices.

Our first pillar is centred around independence and the need for safe and confidential spaces for sportspeople to go when reaching out for help with any mental and emotional health issue.

“We actively support the need for independent, safe places that should not be influenced or directly funded by industries whose practices contribute to mental health problems evident in large numbers of our client population (including but not limited to gambling operators and brewers).”

Watch the video below to hear Colin, our CEO, explaining this value in more depth and the practical implications it has for athletes reaching out to us for support.

To read all of our cornerstones and pillars head to the 'Our Values' section of the website.


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