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  • Alex Mills


In November, Sporting Chance launched its ambassador programme. The ambassador programme aims to increase awareness of the charity’s services and engagement amongst athletes and organisations. Our original ambassadors from the world of Squash; Lucas Serme, Tom Walsh and Mary Fung-A-Fat, have been joined by athletes from across the UK Sport, including Horse Racing, Cricket, Football, Rowing and Rugby.

Sporting Chance ambassadors will help shape and influence the operations of the charity by communicating to us the issues they are aware of and passionate about. Each ambassador will help increase awareness of the charity’s services and will be offered training around the services Sporting Chance provides. Our first ambassadors’ day will be held on January 5th 2023 at our residential clinic in Hampshire.

We are proud of our ambassadors and believe they represent and value the charity’s cornerstones and pillars.

If you would like to become an ambassador, please get in touch with David:


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