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  • Alex Mills

Storians Partnership Announced

Sporting Chance is delighted to announce a new partnership with Storians, who become our first ever official creative agency.

Storians ( have recently been named as the number one rising star agency for 2023 by B2B Marketing. In this exciting new partnership, Storians will work closely with the commercial department at Sporting Chance in supporting its marketing strategy to amplify our voice through all media channels.’

"The work that Sporting Chance do is incredibly important. So, we are utterly thrilled to be working with them to help more athletes access the support they so often need." said Garry Lace, co-founder of Storians.

Sporting Chance are proud of the work we do to provide immediate access to confidential and world leading mental health support to professional athletes. Our services are unique and tailored to those who compete or have competed at the very top level in high-performance sport. Having Storians as a partner can help magnify our awareness, leading to more athletes being able to access support.

Colin Bland, CEO of Sporting Chance said:

“At this point we could just state we need a marketing agency (and we do) but not just any marketing agency. We need a marketing partner who will work with us and our ambassadors to understand the very unique landscape of professional sport. Who will create material and concepts that will pierce the layers of blocks that stand in the way of an individual who feels trapped by the real and perceived restraints of their environment that is professional sport. Storians offer us this solution.”

The world of professional sport is competitive for all and isolating for many. Athletes compete not only for victory over opponents, but also for their right to be in the competition in the first place. The player that wants their shirt or their place offers as much threat as the opposition on match day. For a player to suggest that they are not feeling “ok” or might have difficulties in some environments is more challenging than it has been ever before. If we add to this the microscope of public opinion offered so freely via social media, we think it is fair to say that things have got worse.

So how do we promote a confidential service? How do we make the material that is relevant, readable and palatable to those who might be in need? How do we reach the isolated and make them feel safe to take a step forward?

Through the partnership with Storians, we can publicise that an athlete can reach out for our support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. They will receive an immediate response and be supported into a plan that matches their individual needs. This is usually supported by their sport and is offered at zero cost to the athlete.

On agreeing the new partnership, David Bartlett, Commercial Director of Sporting Chance said:

“I am over the moon to have formally put together this fantastic relationship with Storians. When we started looking at commercial opportunities, there were a number of creative agencies who showed an interest in working with us, but Storians’ passion and ideas in how they could help us were second to none. Our remit is to raise awareness of our services to those who can access them and to those who need them, and I’m already really excited with the ideas the team at Storians have come up with of how we can share our story of the amazing work Sporting Chance does”


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